Sunday, May 25, 2014

IGTBH Day 6 - May 25 - My birthday!

Thank you, God and Universe, for my life, and each day, which is a gift, pure gift.
Thank you, Mom, for baking my cake and for all you did to make today special.
Thank you to my family, for celebrating with me!
Thank you, Fabio, for the messages that made me feel so loved today.  Making you proud of me is so special to me.
Thank you, my church, for having a BP clinic, so that I can take blood pressure, sharpen those skills, and talk with an RN for an hour every other Sunday morning.

It's my birthday, so I have extra.

Thank you, /u/micha111, for my RAOA birthday gift!  I love that song.
Thank you, Sangria, for lasting all day :)
Thank you, audacity, that you allowed me to take a big step to change my life.
Thank you, Annie, for being my mommy buddy
Thank you, weather, for holding out.

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