Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Not absent

My phone, which also serves as my camera, will not receive a proper burial because it will be sold for parts. But it is dead.
Therefore, I cannot take pictures.
Therefore, I probably won't post much until my new-to-me phone comes.

I will tell you that today is an absolutely gorgeous day and I'm trying to figure out how to enjoy the park when Maggie has no way to play where Nico wants to play.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Today Una

Leelo en Castellano Why did I start a new blog?  Why didn't I pick up the old one where I left off shortly before things got really chaotic?
Well, because I just couldn't pass up the chance to pick a more personal name for our family blog/newsletter.  And because I haven't really made the blog all that public, so everyone who might read this is probably just following a link from facebook to do so.  I'm also planning on actually writing this one in English and Spanish, and if you want to help me better my Spanish by correcting, please do.

What does the new blog title mean?

Nico started saying "Happy Today" several months ago.  He means "Happy Birthday," but he says it multiple times per day, so I feel like it's something of a mantra.  Let's make today happy, or let's make it a happy today, or something like that.
Happy Today, Una!
Well, happy2day was taken on blogger, though, so I tacked on "una."  That is cute, too, because if Nico wants something that he knows I am reluctant to give, he says "una" (meaning, "one," of course).  He can even have una cereal or una ranch dressing or una ketchup.  He even usually says it like that, with una at the end.  "Piece of cake, Mami, Una!"
I'm not reluctant to give out happy todays, but we just get una at a time, right?

So, here we go again.  Maybe I'll be better this time.  I've tried to start taking pictures already.  I also want to send a monthly summary newsletter to my grandparents, who do not have the internet, but I am having trouble finding something that is free and that makes desktop publishing as easy as I feel it should be.  I will not buy Publisher, and Word is making things more difficult than they should be.  And no, I'm not going to get a Mac.  It's not in the budget at the moment.  I tried and did not like Scribus.  Other suggestions?

If you note a bit of weariness in the tone of this post, it is because I wrote most of it at 3 am after having taken my Anatomy & Physiology final.  I got a 96!
Next on my list of courses is Microbiology!

Porque empece una blog nueva?  Porque no sigui con lo que ya empece, lo que deje cuando la vida se puso loco?
Bueno, es porque quise tener un nombre para el blog mas personal.  Como no muchos estaban leyendo y los que si siguen links que pongo, asique nadie se da cuenta.  Ahora voy a empecar a traducirlo tambien.  Los que quieren corrigir mi castellano pobre puedan para ayudarme a mejorar mi Castellano.

Que significa el nuevo nombre?

Nico empeco de decir "Happy Today" (Feliz hoy) hace unas meses.  Quiere decir "happy birthday" ("feliz cumpleaƱos"), pero sale asi.  Lo dice tantas veces (por lo menos una vez por dia) que me parece una mantra.  Vamos a hacer hoy feliz, o algo asi.
Bueno, "happy2day" ya esta usado en Blogger, asique use otra dicho de Nico.  Si el pide algo que sabe que yo no realmente quiero que tiene, me dice "una," con mucha enfasis, como decir que solamente quiere una.  Puede ser cualquier cosa - una salsa, una pedacito de torta, una historia mas.
No es que solo quiero dar una feliz hoy, pero tenemos una a la vez, no?

Bueno, vamos de vuelta con blogging.  Capaz que lo hago mejor esta vez.  Ya empece de sacar fotos para usar.  Tambien, quiero hacer un newsletter para mis abuelos, quien no tienen internet, pero no encuentro ningun programa que lo hace tan facil como pienso que debe ser.  Word no me gusta, Scribus tampoco, no voy a pagar para Publisher (ni hablar para una Mac).  Ideas?

Si notas que me parece cansada, es que escribi la mayoridad de esta a las 3 de la maƱana, despues de tomar mi examen final para la clase de Anatomia y Fisilogia.  Saque una 96/100!  Ahoro sigue con microbilogia.