Wednesday, November 27, 2013


This is supposed to be a rough routine.  It won't be followed to the letter, but its purpose is to provide a general framework for our days.  I will have to work up to the 5am wake-up call - both because of my own habits and because of Maggie's desire for extended morning nursing sessions.  It looks like there is almost no play time for the kids, but for right now, that happens where things are not scheduled - where I am doing chores.  I mean, it is their work, so I think it should be on the schedule, but it becomes redundant.  I think when we move into warmer weather and can go outside, it would make sense to put things on the schedule since we would be moving locations.

5 am - wake up. stretch. shower. make up. get dressed. put in load of laundry. eat high-protein breakfast. make coffee. read inspirational materials. plan day.
6 am - tidy downstairs. work on chore of the week if it takes place downstairs. listen to podcasts, read news, read journal articles, or blog.
7 am - make breakfast for everyone else. help get everyone up. stretch.  sing songs. feed. get kiddos dressed. put laundry in dryer. wash breakfast dishes.
8 am - get kids headed toward school if a school day.  if not a school day, extended time-in with both kids/kindness activity.
9 am - time in, then put laundry away, then start dinner (possible start of playdate)
10 am - mwf - time in, then chore of the month. t - extended time in, which could include fun lessons th - Pack storytime - or playdate
11 am - mwf - little lesson, then go pick up Nico, t - long lesson, or several lessons (fun ones), th - Pack storytime and library - or playdate continued
12 pm - lunch, time in. kids help clean up. dishes.
1 pm - nap or quiet for kids, quiet time for me, nap if needed, planning time if not
2 pm - nap or quiet, quiet time for me, chore of the week if not completed before
3 pm - time in. little lesson, cleanup.
4 pm - time in, finish dinner prep, clean kitchen, time in.
5 pm - time in, little lesson, cleanup.
6 pm - kids set table for dinner. dinner. time in.
7 pm - kids help clean up after dinner, then can watch TV or play.  we do dishes.
8 pm - clean up toys in all rooms, baths, storytime (time in)
9 pm - storytime, cont, bed
10 pm - Read, bed

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