Monday, April 21, 2014

What I'm Reading Today

How Public Health Advocates are Trying to reach Non-Vaccinators

The approaches described in the article are interesting, because the situation was actually the opposite for me.  While pregnant with my first son, I was unsure whether to vaccinate.  One of the factors in arranging a meeting with his pediatrician was whether the practice would allow us to skip vaccinations or modify the schedule.  This practice allows that, and is the only one in our area that I found that did.  When I went to meet with the pediatrician, I asked him about vaccinations.  He calmly explained with facts, and offered articles as support, why vaccinations are safe and why the risk from not vaccinating is much greater than from vaccinating.  His approach made sense to us, and we choose to vaccinate our children.  When we go to our check-up appointments, the vaccinations are a part of the appointment.  That is, if we were non-vaccinators, we would have to actively deny the vaccination. 

With more understanding, I know why it is so important that my children, and all children who are able to be vaccinated, are.  I still agree with the practice's approach of allowing non-vaccinated children, because those children, whose parents are making a bad decision, should also have a right to health care.  I wish our provider didn't have to be the one to provide it, because I did worry before my children were vaccinated, but I felt the quality of care we receive there was excellent, so I did not change providers.

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