Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Feelin' Flighty

I have some research to do.  I have some studying to do.  I could learn some more medical Spanish. I could find a journal article or current even to read and reflect upon. But, my mind is so restless tonight, so, I'm gonna go with it.  What's bugging me?

Costa Rica is bugging me.
Last time this happened, it was some nonspecific European country. 

While I think it is absolutely important to serve my community here, and while I feel a calling to help in poorer areas, both domestically and abroad, I also think a year or two abroad in an interesting place would not only be fun, would not only be great for the children, but would also expose me to other ways of thinking that can help me think outside the box here. 

So, I'm starting to think about it.  My destination would necessarily be English- or Spanish-speaking.  And, I would need to be able to take my family.  How would Santi come along?  How would we find a place that worked for both of us? 

I read this, about teachers who "life swapped," and this about the feasibility and logistics of travel nursing with a family. 

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