Tuesday, June 17, 2014

IGTBH - Flaky Edition

OK - so I flaked for the last 8 days.  I know I can't really make that up, as the point is to pause to do this every day.  HOWEVER, I can try.  I did think about it on those days, but failed to actually follow through most of the time.  (I did write a few down in my notebook.)   To be fair, I've had less than ideal internet access, as well as marital drama (no worries, it's working out) during this time.

So, to make up for 8 days of not doing it, here are 40 things from the last 8 days that I'm thankful for, in no particular order:

1.  Thank you, Herbal tea, for being so calming and wonderful.
2.  Thank you, yin side of me, for showing up for awhile.
3.  Thank you, Several new friends on RAoa, including but not limited to DoodlesandSuch, adalab, and LeftMySoulAtHome, for making me feel loved.
4.  Thank you, dad for being my dad.  I know it's not always been easy.
5. Thank you John M. Gottman, PhD, for writing a book that might be saving my family.
6.  Thank you, husband, for working through this with me.
7.  Thank you, Jessie, for recrowning me as queen of awkward
8.  Thank you, self, for quitting that job you hate.
9.  Thank you, simplicity, just for being and encouraging me to just be.
10. Thank you, breath, for your lifegiving and centering effects.
11.  Thank you, lack of technology, for helping me re-see life more beautifully.
12.  Thank you, current era, for all the information available these days.
13.  Thank you, ideas, for being ever present in my brain.
14.  Thank you, Jason for doing our family portraits
15.  Thank you, weather, for being great for portraits
16.  Thank you, dad, for dinner after portraits
17.  Thank you, Baklava, for being
18.  Thank you, husband, for Our new deck.  It's stunning.
19.  Thank you, family, for our new walking tradition.
20.  Thank you, Nico, for spending time with your mommy who loves you so much.
21.  Thank you, Maggie, for spending time with your mommy who loves you so much
22.  Thank you, Santi, for spending time with your wife who loves you so much
23.  Thank you, open window, for allowing the cool breeze through.
24.  Thank you, flip flops, for the pleasant flip sound you make as I walk, and for the freedom you provide my tootsies.
25.  Thank you, self, for Finishing my required course on breastfeeding in preparation for the doula workshop next weekend
26.  Thank you, Start from Seed, for hosting THE DOULA WORKSHOP NEXT WEEKEND!!!!!!!
27.  Thank you, life, that I will be a freaking awesome doula
28.  Thank you, future person who will help me with this, for helping me to give a few tired single moms a much-needed break
29.  Thank you, books, for exposing how important family and community are
30.  Thank you, new tires, for working so well.
31.  Thank you, person selling your car, for selling just what we wanted for the price we wanted when we needed a car.
32.  Thank you, tuna salad and triscuits, for nourishing me and making me happy.
33.  Thank you, mom, for my mini greenhouse.  I CAN'T WAIT TO GROW ALL THE HERBS, FLOWERS, AND VEGGIES!
34.  Thank you, inlaws, for what positive things you have done while you are here.
35.  Thank you, Spanx, for making me look ok in a bathing suit.
36.  Thank you, RCCL, that Fabio's new job is going well.
37.  Thank you, 3 liters of water per day along with reasonable eating and exercise habits, for helping me lose 3 lbs.
38.  Thank you, family, for leaving leftovers from sunday lunch!
39.  Thank you, woman standing at the end of my interstate ramp with a sign that says "free gifts.  Jesus included."  for showing the good in people
40.  Thank you, sleep, for coming soon.

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